Disposal and treatment of landfill gas

The most modern landfill gas technology for degassing systems, landfill gas utilisation and flares is where we originated from . Our systems in the area of gas technology are put together to suit the needs of customers. Hofstetter has the ideal solution for every landfill site.

The gases in landfill sites, produced during the breakdown processes, make a considerable contribution to the greenhouse effect and also pose significant health and safety risks. On the other hand, they are often rich in methane gas and thus represent a potential energy carrier.

Hofstetter is aware of the requirements. Our expertise, our many years of experience and the modular construction of our plants ensure that we achieve the best possible solutions.

Our Landfill products


Efficiency - The reliable landfill gas flare

The HOFGAS-Efficiency high temperature gas flare provides safe and environmentally friendly high temperature combustion of landfill gas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements.

  • Efficient combustion of landfill gas
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Combustion temperature 1,000 – 1,200°C
  • Residence time more than 0.3 s
  • Insulated combustion chamber
  • Compatible with CDM projects

READY / READY C - Customized de-gassing system

The HOFGAS-Ready is a complete extraction and gas flaring system for safe and economic degassing of landfill sites. The gas is collected continuously and prepared for further use. The installation can be equipped with a gas utilisation connection for the purpose of energy recovery.

The complete degassing unit is built in the ventilated container, which makes the HOFGAS-Ready C plant theft-proof and also protects it from environmental influences.

A controlled high temperature combustion with concealed flame is guaranteed by the HOFGAS-Efficiency high temperature flare.

  • Preparation of the landfill gas for utilisation
  • Ideal equipment for CDM projects
  • Robust construction
  • Skid-mounted
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to operate

LPM - Customised gas treatment system

A modularly structured degasification system at the highest level for large-scale landfill sites.

Equipped with several blower groups, one or several high-temperature flares and additional customised control and regulation concepts. The HOFGAS-LPM degasification system is the classic solution for safe and extensive handling of landfill gases. Controlled gas processing for further use in generators or heating power plants.

The excess gas is efficiently disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner in high temperature flares, according to European directives.

Ideal for further development phases of the waste site operation.

  • Modular component structure
  • Ideal for development phases
  • Expanded operating range
  • Recommended for landfill gas CDM projects
  • Optimal gas processing for recycling
  • Fulfils the legal regulations
  • High safety standard

SPARKY - Compact unit

The HOFGAS-Sparky compact degassing unit is used for household waste landfills without gas utilisation.

HOFGAS-Efficiency high temperature flare provides controlled gas combustion.

  • Compact, safe, good value for money
  • High safety standard
  • Concealed flame
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

LOWCAL - Gas flare for low calorific gas

An optimum solution for safe and efficient degassing of old landfill sites. The innovative HOFGAS-Lowcal high temperature flare for low calorific gas is designed to provide greater gas control during the latter phases of a site.

Low calorific gas high temperature combustion is necessary on more and more sites due to increased aftercare requirements. Falling gas volumes and lower gas concentration require innovative solutions. With HOFGAS-Lowcal, the existing gas collection system can continue to be used.

Innovative, safe and efficient. The Hofstetter low calorific gas flare.

  • Burns safely and efficiently with low methane content of 15 –30 vol.%
  • High temperature combustion
  • High safety standard
  • Quick installation time
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Compact, safe and inexpensive

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