Creating a safe work environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Environmentally friendly disposal of mine gas

When the methane gas is drained and captured, the gas can be utilized or destroyed in a high-temperature flaring facility. The gas can be used for power generation or heat recovery. In those cases, the Hofstetter enclosed combustion system is applied as a safeguarding and emergency system.

Hofstetter collaborates closely with Watergasrenew Pty from Australia. Watergasrenew PTY has extensive knowledge and experience in coal mine operations and gas extraction systems. This partnership makes it possible to comply with the strictest mining regulations and offer the full engineering package including FMEA, HAZOP and cause & effect analyses. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to offer the best possible technical and most economical advice on how to handle your de-gassing issues.

Our mining products

CFM4C | Coal mine gas flare

The HOFGAS-CFM4c high-temperature flare provides safe and environmentally friendly combustion of coal mine gas (Goaf-and Coleseam gas).

HOFGAS-CFM4c flare is able to burn methane concentration from 20 vol.% up to 95 vol.% For each specific project the HOFGAS-CFM4c gas flare is designed for the specific customer requirements and coal mine gas composition.


  • Efficient combustion of mine gas
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Controlled and concealed combustion
  • Insulated combustion chamber
  • High safety standards, fulfilling the latest ATEX standards

CPM - Degassing system for coal mines

Customised solutions for safe degasification of coal mines with reliable processing of the methane gas for electricity or heat generation.

HOFGAS-CPM is comprised of one or several blower stations and the necessary components for faultless degassing. Defined control and regulation concepts guarantee safe and efficient operation.


  • Customised solutions
  • Safe and reliable degassing of closed and operating mines
  • Processing of the gas for recycling
  • Systems for installation outdoors or protected in containers

Mobile Degassing Systems

The HOFGAS-CFM4c mobile  flare provides safe and environmentally friendly combustion of coal mine gas (Goaf and Coleseam gas).


  • Gives mine operators maximum flexibility during the early development phase.
  • Or as a temporary add-on to handle peak production
  • Easy adjustable for volume and CH₄ content variations
  • Easy to mobilize and de-mobilize
  • Remote monitoring as an option for remote locations 
  • High safety standards, fulfilling the latest ATEX standards

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