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Countless processes produce gases and exhaust gases. Allowing emissions to escape into the air is harmful to the environment and prohibited by law in most countries. Combustible gases are the modern energy carriers of today. We offer gas technology solutions for all applications.

About gas treatment

Hydrogen sulphide removal

Hydrogen sulphide is a by-product in biological processes and corrosive in the presence of water.  When H₂S is combusted, sulfuric and sulfuric acids can be formed, which cause major corrosion problems in engines.

We provide solutions to reduce H₂S in the gas to levels that meet the specifications of the engine manufacturers. The applied technology is gas scrubbing in vertical scrubbers and adsorption.


Siloxane removal

Organic silicon-containing compounds, often referred to as siloxanes, are present in landfill gas and sewage gas.

These components can damage gas engines, as silicon dioxide is formed in the combustion engine, which is highly abrasive.The Hofstetter Siloxane removal system reliably removes the siloxanes by adsorption to very low levels. Moreover, the system can be designed to remove both H₂S and siloxanes.

Gas cooling and drying

By cooling and condensing the moisture in the gas, the gas temperature and moisture content are brought to the desired level.

Depending on the required conditions, air fin gas coolers or chiller systems are used to cool and condense the gas. After cooling/condensation, the moisture droplets are removed from the gas with moisture (drop/mist) separators or cyclones.



Gas particles are removed by robust filter units.

We offer different technologies, depending on the gas quality, particles in the inlet gas and the desired degree of filtration. The Hofstetter filter units are designed for easy cleaning and offer the possibility to clean the filters without reducing the capacity of the entire unit.

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