Hofstetter UWT

World’s leading specialist for gas treatment systems and flaring technology

Specialist in gas treatment systems and enclosed gas combustion systems

Our solutions and products are used everywhere where combustible gases have to be collected, treated or disposed.

Our top priority is for all components of the system to work together perfectly to achieve maximum performance, compliance, reliability and safety.


Your partner for biogas, mine gas, landfill gas and industrial gas

Our company was established in 1975 and to date has installed more than 1,700 systems around the world.

Thanks to our flexible sales and engineering system we can respond to customer requests quickly and expertly. In addition to gas treatment systems and enclosed gas combustion systems, Hofstetter also supplies complete measurement, analysis and registration systems.

We are proud to present our newly developed flare

Our newest flare is specially developed to safely dispose vapours with extremely low CH₄ content (minimum 12%) and an operating envelope between 12% to 100% methane without operator intervention.