Energy source for today and increasingly for the future

Efficient and environmentally friendly biogas

Modern technologies take advantage of the fermentation process in natural and organic substances: biogas. Generating biogas energy with a fuel that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

The mixture of methane gas and carbon dioxide offers a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Our gas treatment and flaring systems are designed for both fermentation plants for biomass and for plants for fermentation of sewage sludge. With both processes, the ultimate aim is the generation of "green" energy. 

Our biogas products

IFL1C | Standard gas flare for gasholder operation

Standard biogas / WWTP gas flare biogas plants.

Ideal in combination with gasholder operation and gas systems with constant pressure ratios. Thanks to concealed combustion, the HOFGAS-IFL1c flare attains more than 99% combustion efficiency. The captivating aspect of the biogas flare is its straightforward design, combined with the latest safety technology.


  • Standard biogas flare
  • For gasholder operation
  • Concealed flare
  • Combustion efficiency >99%
  • High standards of safety

IFL4C | Biogas flaring system for increased demands

A customised HOFGAS-IFL4c biogas gas flaring system is deployed to comply with the stringent gas emission regulations.

The system is simple to operate and adjust, and starts reliably. The high-temperature flare for biogas comes with the latest safety technology.


  • Exhaust emission levels are kept within current regulations.
  • Customised solutions for hazardous gases
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Emission levels are kept within current regulations
  • Concealed combustion
  • High safety standards

APM | Gas treatment plant for recovery

The HOFGAS-APM is a complete pump, treatment and flare station for the safe and economic treatment of methane gas from anaerobic fermentation.

In addition to the plant components, a detailed regulation and operational concept is supplied for the specific adaptation to the process. In particular, the discharge pressure for recovery is regulated and the signal exchange between all involved components is supported. The APM system is modular and tailored to the specific needs of your operations.


  • Gas compression
  • Gas cooling
  • Gas analysis
  • Gas de-watering
  • Gas particle filtering
  • Gas H2S removal (biological/chemical)
  • Gas flaring
  • With completely integrated controls connected to an overall SCADA system

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